Monthly Archives: March 2011

Stop. Switch. Learn Something New.

Hey everyone.   Everything is going well here at Elon.

We finished our previous module a couple of weeks ago, and I was so excited because that was our last module that has a full set of final exams and practicals…Yay!

We started our current module last week, which is comprised of classes of clinical decision making, administration and management, and management of the pediatric client.  This module requires some transitioning because instead of the majority of our time being spent on studying for quizzes and tests, these classes are more geared toward projects and presentations.  I am looking forward to seeing what all is involved in this module, hoping that I come out of this module with some more business sense…because that is definitely not a strong suit of mine.

I was thinking yesterday that we only have three more months here on campus before we all head out to our internships.  While there is definitely a lot for us to do before that time gets here, that is not a lot of time at all!

I am so excited about the transition toward the internship, but I am also trying to soak up these three months and really enjoy my time at Elon.  When you start this program, this point seems so far away…there is so much on your plate and so much ahead of you that this point just seems like a far distant goal…but here we are…and, yes, there has been a lot on our plate and a lot that we have done (and a lot still to do ha!), but this is just a really exciting time.

I look forward to keeping you updated on how things are going!  If y’all every have any questions, just leave it in the comments, and I will try to answer it in my next blog entry!  God bless!