“It Just Got Real…”

As I was taking my final hours to prepare for our first physiology test, I realized that I had heard the phrase “it just got real…” multiple times that day, and that week.  This week was accurately described by my classmate as “the hardest week of grad school so far.”  We are in the thick of the second module, being challenged to balance each of our priorities.  But, the weekend rolled around and we ,once again, had the chance to relax and reset.

I talked to a couple interviewees the other day and they asked me about dissection and Elon’s focus on the respect to our donors.  I had only previously dissected a frog and a cat so I definitely came into PT school with apprehension about dissecting our human donor.  Fortunately, it has been a wonderful experience.  Dr. Cope does an incredible job of preparing us emotionally and intellectually, and I have already benefitted greatly from the dissections.  So far we have done the abs, pecs, anterior neck, brachial plexus, and just started on the posterior neck and back.  Some days are harder than others, some moments are more trying, but the experience has far surpassed my expectations.  Learning anatomy wouldn’t be the same without this opportunity.

The weather here could easily pass for May-June in Seattle.  It’s not even March and I’ve been warm enough to keep my windows open all day.  I wore shorts last week, and I’m consistently wearing my sandals (except on our “clinical dress days” but of course).   Southern winters are my new favorite.

I’m off to an intramural bball game (DPT has already left its mark on intramurals this year).  Hopefully the tradition will continue…


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