And Thus We Begin…

As I sit here reflecting on the past month, I am truly floored by the amount of change that has happened it my life and yet how quickly I’ve been able to adjust to that change.

It’s been only six weeks since I packed my car full, drove across country and moved into my duplex less than two days before the start of classes.  It amazes me that I’ve only even met my classmates five weeks ago.  Between the hours of class, intramurals, meals, studying and hanging out, I see the same people more than I sleep every night.  It’s really no wonder that the connections we’ve made have strengthened so quickly.   And what a great class we have—such variety, such fun.  People, they never fail to surprise and enlighten you.

Really, this first month has been a lesson to me in how I will deal with future situations throughout my future in PT.  Connecting with and learning to understand people is, for me, the core of PT.  The information, the tests and intellectual challenge that I love is secondary to the people.  I definitely don’t have the rest of the information yet, but for now, I can practice the people side of PT.  I can learn about myself, I can learn about others, and I can learn to meet, to appreciate, to love each person.  The first month of PT school is a daily practice of this.

We did survive the first module.  One month down, and oh so many more to go!  But the point is, each member of our 40 person class made it-we adapted, we learned, and we set our base for the next three years.

We’re a little over a week into our second module which, true to past students’ word, will be a bit of a shock.  We went from two main classes to a schedule that I haven’t even learned yet.  It will be full of a whole new set of challenges but I feel secure in that we will all make it through like we did for the first module.  One day at a time (and even sometimes one hour at a time).

To top off a great first month, we’ve had some wonderful weather.  I moved from Seattle and have never lived near the east or the south so I’ve been shocked by the sun and warm temperatures in the middle of winter.  They are sure perfect for some studying and study breaks.

A few of us are determined to learn to play tennis (and at least somewhat decently) by the end of our three years here.  We had our first outing last week and although the skill level is fairly lacking, it was a blast to get outside and play.  We made pure spectacles of ourselves for the surrounding apartments but it was worth every missed ball.  Yesterday, a group of us were even able to study for our first anatomy test (not as terrifying as expected) with books, papers and the contents of the bone box spilled around us on the deck, soaking up the sun and fresh air before breaking for the SuperBowl.  School and life—I’m always working to find that constant balance.

To all of you that we keep seeing in the halls for interviews, good luck!  Know that the long and frustrating process of applications is so worth it in the end.


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