Good Things Are Happening

Hey y’all!  I hope everyone reading this is having a great day.  Things are going well here – just three weeks left in this module!

School has been steady, busy, but not crazy overwhelming, but this upcoming week is going to be a little more laid back, so I am enjoying a more relaxed weekend – going out for walks in this beautiful weather (it’s sunny and in the mid-50’s…so excited about the weather slowly warming up on its way to Spring!)  This week is more relaxed and then we get geared up for finals the next two weeks…so I’m soaking up any ‘chill’ time I can get!

While school is keeping me busy, I am also really excited about other things going on in my life right now, including going down to Birmingham, Alabama in three weeks to go to an open house at the seminary my husband is interested in attending, as well as to start looking for apartments because we will be moving in less than four months for me to start my internship in June!

We are so excited, not only because I am getting closer to graduation or because my husband is excited about the potential of seminary, but we are also excited because when we live in Birmingham, we will only be about two hours from most of our family who live in Auburn (War Eagle!), as well as being close to many of our friends down there.  It is just crazy that it is already time for us to start thinking about moving!

Anyways, all to say, things are going quite well around here.  God has continued to bless us each and every day, challenging me to know him more, challenging me to trust him more, and I am just so thankful that my life, my marriage, my schooling, my future career, my everything is in his hands.  I pray that you have this peace that I have in Jesus Christ, and I just pray that his overwhelming love and peace would fill you with joy on this day.  I hope my little bits of writing help to encourage you today, and I look forward to writing next month ☺.


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