To Everything There is a Season

Hi all.  Well, it is the last day of November 2010!  The other day as I was emailing my to-be first year buddy, I was thinking about how I felt two years ago at this time, getting ready to move up here to Elon and get started with Elon’s DPT program.

And then I was thinking about where I was last year at this time, just about to finish my first year and what a feat that felt like.  I remember being so excited with one of my classmates and calling ourselves second years for the first time.  At this time last year, my stomach was in knots thinking about going on my first clinical and what that was going to be like.

And now as I sit here, my classmates and I have finished all three of our 2-month clinicals and are nearing the end of our second year.  The third year students just finished their final internship and will be back on campus next week before they graduate…and then we will be able to call ourselves third years! ☺

Right now, my classmates and I are all still in transition mode, trying to get used to being in the classroom instead of in the clinic.  Four months in the clinic and then coming back to the classroom with studying, tests, and papers is quite an adjustment.

The module we are in right now has gotten off to a fast start, and it has taken me a couple of weeks to get my head straight as to classes and assignments, but I feel that I am starting to get back in the mode…I will let you know for sure how the transition is going when I write in December.

Even though it may be difficult to get back in class mode, I have really been thinking lately how I want to soak up this time I have at Elon, because, really, I will only be on campus for six more months before we go out on our final internship.  So, God has me right where I am for a reason, and I look forward to what He has in store.


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