The Final Countdown

A fairly significant milestone was achieved by my classmates and I last week in that we took our last actual written test of our Elon careers (my next significant milestone will take place if I get that test back this coming week and find that I actually passed it).

We are also going to a job fair this coming Friday.

Things like this keep happening that are not so subtle reminders that our days at Elon are slowly coming to an end.  I think most of us would tell you that we’re ready to jump into the real world head first and I really feel like our education has prepared us all so well that we’re indeed ready to do just that.

I know for sure, however, that we’ll be leaving behind as much as we’ll be gaining as we all move on with our lives.  We are surrounded by extremely competent professors who are caring and supportive and eager to do what they can to help us succeed.  We are also surrounded by peers who we have bonded with as we all share this experience together – an experience that has ultimately been extremely fulfilling and rewarding precisely because it has been so exhausting, stressful, and demanding.

I’m looking very forward to the next chapter in my life, no question, and I’m sure it will be an exciting one.  But this chapter that I’m in right now is pretty good too, which is why I’m choosing to savor every word and to avoid the urge to skip ahead.


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