Time Travel and Other Grad School Tales

Well, I’ve just finished my third clinical rotation at the skilled nursing facility that I spoke of in my last blog.  If you were to go back in time and to my first day in the program and tell ‘past’ me that ‘future’ me was going to have to do a clinical rotation in a nursing facility and that ‘future’ me was really going to enjoy his time there, ‘past’ me would probably just laugh at you and call you crazy.

Man, time travel is confusing.

Anyway, I really was surprised at how much I enjoyed the experience.  The patients that I had the privilege to work with were, for the most part, highly motivated, hard working and a pleasure to get to know.

From a personal perspective, I really established some great relationships and heard some amazing stories during my time there while working with the population that Tom Brokaw called “The Greatest Generation.” My CI and I will even be visiting a patient in the spring because he wanted to teach us the secrets that he’s learned on planting a successful garden.  I told him about my unique ability to kill plants just by looking at them. Funny, but he wasn’t deterred, and said he would take his chances.

From a professional perspective, it really was rewarding to see how quickly many of our patients progressed towards reaching their functional goals.  There were a few patients who progressed slowly, or even regressed,  but for the most part patients responded very well to therapy and many of them were discharged back home during my two months there.

Overall, I couldn’t have asked for a better experience and this rotation has opened my eyes to the possibility of perhaps deciding to work with the geriatric population after I graduate.  Again, ‘past’ me just wouldn’t believe it!  The moral of the story is to go into experiences with an open mind because you just never know…


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