New Kids No More

Hi everyone ☺  I cannot believe that another month has come and gone!  Everything is going well up here.

Like I said in an earlier blog, this fall module is all about getting us ready to go out on our outpatient clinical right after Christmas, so we have been learning about the spine and the lower extremity, and now we are about to begin the upper extremity.  I cannot believe that after these few weeks of upper extremity material, we will be sent off on our own to the clinic – wow!

Another exciting thing is that we just received the list of DPT students starting in January!  We were all assigned to be a big sister or big brother…so I am so excited ☺  I honestly feel like I was JUST in that same position, getting everything in order to move up here, and wondering what it was all going to be like.  So, now I am excited to be able to be the person that knows a little bit about how things work up here, and to be able to help everyone just starting out.  I know when I was about to start and when I was talking with students who were just about to finish their first year, I was thinking that it would be nice to be where they are, to have learned what they have learned, and to be getting ready to go out in the clinic. I thought that seemed a long way off. But here I am.

All I have to say for anyone about to start PT school or if you are thinking about starting PT school is this: try not to rush your time. It might be tempting at times to just wish you were over and done with school because of all the work that you know is ahead of you, try not to rush it – because it goes fast enough as it is.

When I get tired and worn out, I just try to remind myself how much of a blessing it is to be in this program here at Elon and how I will never get this time back – so I must make the most of it and soak up this incredible learning opportunity!

The other day I called the lady who will be my clinical instructor for my first clinical.  I was nervous before I called, but after I was so excited.  She told me it is normal and OK to be nervous, that we were going to have a good time, and that she was excited about me starting – and I was so encouraged!

Next time I talk with you all, it will be around Thanksgiving time…yay!  I look forward to letting you know how my first weeks of learning about the upper extremity are going and how I am feeling about being a few weeks from starting my clinical.  Talk to you soon ☺


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