Moving Right Along

Time is moving quickly, as I am currently in week 17 of my 24 week internship.

Lately, most of my effort has been geared toward finalizing and presenting my inservice project for the physical therapy department at UNC.  The topic of my project was: The Reverse Total Shoulder Joint Arthroplasty.

My presentation included: refresher information on the anatomy of the shoulder, the steps involved with the procedure, a comparison to other similar surgeries for the shoulder and outcome measures. The presentation went very smoothly and the information provided to the rehabilitation department was well received.

I continue to enjoy my time at UNC Hospital on the surgery team.  For quite some time now, I have been working independently each day, carrying a full caseload.  It is very exciting to be able to make decisions for evaluations, treatment sessions, and discharge destinations, independently, with only the approval of my clinical instructor.  I enjoy going to work each day, and I would love to work in the acute care setting with orthopedic and trauma patients after graduation.

As the time passes, I continue to study for my board exam, and I enjoy working with my patients each day.  I look forward to the start of my amazing career, which is quickly approaching in December!!!


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