Clinical Countdown Begins

Hi everybody ☺All is good here at Elon.  Not too much is new this month.

School is trucking right along and going well.  I feel like I am definitely learning a lot – but also still have A LOT to learn.  About two weeks ago, my classmates and I took on the challenge of our first hour-long practical in which we were presented a scenario and told to take the patient’s history, do an examination and begin an intervention.

It was the first of three similar practicals this module, working to prepare us for the real world when we are really in the clinic in January on our first clinical!  All my classmates and I made it through the practical, proving to ourselves that, while we still have a lot of learning to do, we are making progress toward our goal.

Right now in addition to our normal classes, we are also beginning to prepare and get things in order to go out on our first clinical when we get back from Christmas break!

We are getting our confirmation cards for our clinical sites and getting ready to call our sites to find out more information about how to prepare.  I cannot wait to know what my schedule is going to be like and get a little information about what a typical day might look like.  I cannot believe that before I know it I am going to be treating patients in an outpatient clinic.  This just seems like such a long time coming, so I cannot believe it will be here soon!

I will keep you all up to date on how classes are going as well as how my anticipation and preparation for my clinical are going ☺  I continue to learn and appreciate more every day the wonderful opportunity I have here at Elon and the commitment of the institution and professors to support my classmates and I as we pursue this incredibly challenging, and yet incredibly rewarding, goal.


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